1° Workshop Chileno Paulista em/en Grafos

May 10 and 12, 2021.

This is the first edition of the joint Workshop Chileno-Paulista em/en Grafos. The event gathers researchers mainly from Chile and São Paulo that have been working in Combinatorics and Graph Theory.

Our main objective is to study graphs from a theoretical point of view, thus contributing to a better understanding of the laws that govern the behavior of these structures.

This workshop is the result of the joint research project "Extremal and Structural Problems in Graph Theory", from the Brazilian funding agency FAPESP (The São Paulo Research Foundation) and the Chilean funding agency ANID (Agencia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo, successor of CONICYT).

In 2021 we have researchers from the following institutions:

This edition will be completely virtual.

Time Activity
15h - 18h (BRT) / 14h - 17h (CLT) Warm up (Problems discussion, test of the app Discord, group work)
Time Activity
15h - 18h (BRT) / 14h - 17h (CLT) Group work
Name Affiliation
Andrea Jiménez UV
Carla Negri Lintzmayer UFABC
Cristina Gomes Fernandes USP
Daniel Adolfo Quiroz UCHILE
Fábio Botler UFRJ
Gabriel Ferreira Bastos USP
Giovanne Marcelo dos Santos USP
Guilherme Oliveira Mota USP
Hiep Han USACH
José Alvarado USP
Jose Zamora UNAB
Léo Vieira USP
Lucas Colucci USP
Marcos Kiwi UCHILE
Martín Matamala UCHILE
Matías Pavez Signé UCHILE
Maurício Collares UFMG
Maya Jakobine Stein UCHILE
Maycon Sambinelli UFABC
Nicolás Rivera UV
Paulo Matias da Silva Junior UFABC
Pedro Santos USP
Rafael Zuolo Coppini Lima USP
Renzo Gonzalo Gómez Diaz Unicamp
Roberto Freitas Parente UFBA
Tássio Naia dos Santos USP
Victor Seixas Souza CAM
Yoshiharu Kohayakawa USP
Yoshiko Wakabayashi USP
ChiPaGra unfortunately will not be an in-person workshop, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
We will use the software Discord.

Important: bring your own snacks ans coffee for the meetings ☕ 🥪.
First, download Discord (although it works in the browser, we strongly recommend its installation).

Next, connect to the server ChiPaGra 2021 (the code was sent to your e-mail):

Check some tips to use Discord:

We will make some remarks in the first day.