CHOReOS: Scaling Choreographies for the Internet of the Future


The Internet has been growing at a impressive rate in many aspects such as size, heterogeneity, and usage. This growth forces the continuous improvement of Internet infrastructure technologies. The Future Internet concept magnifies the required shift for Internet technologies, which shall allow supporting the continuously growing scale of the converging networking world together with new generations of services made available to and brought by the broad mass of end users. The CHOReOS project positions itself in this vision of the Future Internet, whilst focusing on the Future Internet of Services. This research project aims at assisting the engineering of software service compositions in this novel networking environment by devising a dynamic development process, and associated methods, tools and middleware, to sustain the composition of services in the form of large-scale choreographies for the Internet of the future.

Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Middleware for Service Oriented Computing. New York. ACM