Simulação de Arquiteturas de Hardware com Memórias Não-Voláteis


Emerging non-volatile memory technologies, known as NVMs, have great potential to replace DRAM as the main memory technology. This may open opportunities to manipulate persistent data directly, without transient copies. However, NVMs still need to overcome some limitations such as lower performance when compared to DRAM. Taking these limitations into consideration, hybrid memory architectures using DRAM for transient data and NVMs for persistent data have been proposed. However, these hardware architectures are not readily available on the market, making it difficult to assess the performance of the proposed solutions. This paper describes a simulator for multi-memory technology architectures, which enables hardware and software designers to evaluate the performance of their solutions on these new architectures. We employ this simulator to evaluate the performance impact of a complete substitution of DRAM for NVMs. We also describe an API designed to make use of hybrid DRAM-NVM architectures and detail new research opportunities.

Simpósio em Sistemas Computacionais de Alto desempenho (WSCAD)